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Which window do I have?

Here at Vale Blinds we get lots of calls from people asking "Which Roof/Skylight/Loft Blind is the right one?" for their window.

The first thing you need to know when ordering this type of blind is the manufacture of window you have. Each window manufacture make blinds to fit their own windows and these blinds don’t fit other makes of windows. Even our ‘Vale’ ranges of Roof Blinds are designed for each specific window manufacture.

To find out which roof window you have, first look for any manufacture names on the window (Velux, Fakro, Colt Roto, Keylite etc). Sometimes the manufacture's name will be on the handle of the window; alternatively you can open the window and look all around the moving part of the window for any codes, usually located on a plate. Sometimes these codes can be hidden on the window so you do really have to search for them. Write down all the codes you can find and if you are unsure of which parts of the codes to use to order a blind then please contact us at Vale Blinds and we will be able to help.

These are some examples of manufactures window plates

Window Code

If you do find the codes on your window these codes relate to the model and size of the window you have. For instance on a Velux window a code that reads GGL M04 relates to a window model GGL and Window code (size) M04. On a Colt Roto window you may see a longer code for example 339 DG 7A9A which is slightly more confusing and relates to a Window model 339 and a window code (size) 7/9. Again if you are at all unsure about the codes on your window just contact us by phone or email and we will be happy to help out.

If after searching the window you can’t find any codes or manufactures names then please send us a photo of your window together with the visible glass size (width and height of glass only in cm or mm, we are not great with inches!!) and we will then take a look and try work out which window you have.

We are aware of how frustrating it can be if you order/receive the wrong size blind! so with a little bit of time, patience and our help we can make sure you get the correct model and size blind to fit your window on every occasion.

There is a blind out there for every window and we will try our very best to find it for you.

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