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Reliable Delivery Service

High Quality Materials

High Quality Materials


BlocOut / Cassette Blinds

Roller blinds usually allow a stream of light into a room down the sides of the fabric and a glow of light above the roller at the top of the window.


A cassette roller blind encloses the blind's fabric within a container which is known as a headbox or cassette. The headbox/cassette covers the top of the blind and protects it from dust and other damage and prevents that glow of light from entering the room.


With the addition of the side channels to block out the incoming light down the side of the fabric, these blinds are perfect for a good nights sleep. 


BlocOut Thermal Roller Blinds - max width 1900mm - max drop 1600mm

BlocOut XL Thermal Roller Blinds - max width 2400mm - max drop 2400mm

VALE Cassette Roller Blinds - max width 3400mm - max drop 3200mm

BlocOut / Cassette Blackout Blinds

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“Where affordability never compromises quality”

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