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Reliable Delivery Service

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High Quality Materials

Vale roof blinds


Vale roof lantern blinds

If you’re looking for a Wire free solution to a roof area look no further, we are now able to supply a Flat Roof Lantern ZIP roller blind with Fully enclosed cassette and side channels, with sizes up to 3600mm x 6000mm

Unlike many of our competitors our system is “Visibly Wire Free” giving you an open unobscured view when the system is open, available in Manual, Electric and Battery/Solar, the electric system uses Somfy RF Motors and industry standard components 

The roof Lanterns are available in Blackout Thermal fabric, Screen Antiglare Thermal fabric or even a system that offers both so your able to control and stabilise the lighting and temperature on any day of the year at the touch of a button.

If ordered with a TaHoma Hub the system is fully compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home and our own Home automation system, our automation system allows you to control your blinds from anywhere in the world, helping with home security and keeping you in complete control of your home environment at all times.

Suitable for Sky Pods, Light Wells, Roof Lanterns, Conservatory, Atriums, Orangeries or any glazed area.

All systems are available as a DIY installation, if your sizes are larger than 3.6mtrs x 6mtrs we still have more options and ideas available and will happily try to find a solution to your individual situation.

Crank operation is available for smaller blinds however we would always recommend either Mains Electric or Battery Powered.

If your Lantern has been built and you have exact finished sizeswe will gladly supply a quote based on your preferences. Simply fill out the quote form and attach photos below.

Approximate guide prices are below which include the Easy Fit Four-Sided Lantern Frame and for motorised blinds also include Handheld Remote control.

Vale Manual XL Lantern Roller Blind

785mm x 1985mm - £1427.72

935mm x 1935mm - £1469.05

1190mm x 1970mm - £1569.42

Vale Motorised XL Lantern Roller Blind

785mm x 1985mm - £1706.97

935mm x 1935mm - £1756.07

1000mm x 2000mm - £1944.82

1000mm x 4000mm - £3224.35

1230mm x 1980mm - £2291.59

1343mm x 3246mm - £2499.60

1640mm x 2470mm - £2551.19

1870mm x 3922mm - £2708.13

1985mm x 3985mm - £2926.80

2000mm x 2500mm - £2250.12

2050mm x 2200mm - £2328.27

2000mm x 4000mm - £3747.75

2500mm x 2500mm - £3122.83

Vale Twin Motorised XL Lantern Roller Blind

2500mm x 5000mm - £4869.96

2500mm x 5400mm - £5555.09 (battery)

2710mm x 5070mm - £5056.96

2864mm x 5780mm - £5963.79

Approximate Prices April 2023 

Includes the four-sided lantern frame, VAT and Free Delivery

Roof Lantern Roller Blinds

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  • XL Lantern Roller Blind Suitable for Large Areas Max W3600mm x L6000mm

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