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25+ Years Experience

35+ Years Experience

Reliable Delivery Service

Reliable Delivery Service

High Quality Materials

High Quality Materials


Vertical & Allusion Blinds

VALE Blinds offer a wide selection of Vertical Blinds. These blinds are manufactured with vertical vanes of Stiff Cloth, PVC or Aluminium in a wide range of colours, textures and modern patterned designs. 

Available in Translucent and Blackout fabrics in 89mm or 127mm wide vanes, 70mm & 89mm aluminium vanes and 52mm, 70mm, 89mm & 127mm PVC vanes.


VALE Blinds offer the Allusion Blinds which create an instant impact in your home with something a little different. Allusion blinds are made with a combination of sheer and opaque textured fabrics.

Suitable for all window types, Allusion blinds really come into their own on larger windows and bi-folding doors where their unique flowing fabric vanes allow you to enjoy both light and privacy.

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Vertical & Allusion Blinds

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Where affordability never compromises quality

“Where affordability never compromises quality”

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