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Reliable Delivery Service

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High Quality Materials


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Measuring guide

On all VELUX® roof windows you will find a type sign stating exact information about the window. For instance as regards the roof windows with control bar (illustrated below) the data plate is placed in the right corner of the top sash behind the ventilation flap. On other types of VELUX® windows you will find the type sign somewhere visible on the inside of the frame or sash or behind the ventilation flap.

Velux Window Plate Image

Blackout blinds come with a handy remote control option. With the merest touch of a button, they can be opened or closed, either fully or to any position on the window, from anywhere in the room.

Blackout remote controlled blinds are now produced with a solar panel, replacing the battery on the blind itself. Solar powered Blackout blinds are now shipped as standard. This blind can also be moved by hand if required.

DSL Blind

Our Range of Skylight blinds come complete with aluminium fascia and side channels as standard.



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“Where affordability never compromises quality”

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