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  • Battery Operated Remote ControlView moreView less
  • Battery Operated Motor with RTS Remote Control This comes with radio frequency

    This option with enable the user to operate there blind even in the most awkward location.

    This option will open close and stop in any position.

  • Battery Operated TiltView moreView less
  • With the infrared remote control you are not only opting for atmosphere but also for comfort inside your home. In this way the blind can be easily adjusted to the constantly changing incidence of light.

    The cord for raising and lowering is maintained. The tilt mechanism is replaced by a remotely controlled motor unit fed by 4 x 1.5 volt LR6, AA batteries.

    If the header rail is concealed behind a coving or curtain, an external eye can be ordered and can be hung up at 0.5 m from the blind.

    The remote control is suitable for both tilt directions and works on 3 x 1.5 volt LR03, AAA batteries. The motor unit has a choice of channels so that up to a maximum of two separate blinds can be operated via the remote control.

    (Only available on 16mm, 25mm, 35mm and Ondulette®)

  • Bracket TypesView moreView less
  • Brackets for Wooden Venetian blinds

    Box brackets:- These fit at each end of the blind and can be top, side or face fixed (Standard)

    Swivel brackets:-These can be fitted in various places along the blind and can be Top or Face fixed only!

  • CassetteView moreView less
  • A Cassette is a cover that covers the workings of the roller this also makes installation even easier.

  • CleaningView moreView less
  • Vale blinds are easy to clean by first closing the slats and then dusting them with a feather duster, soft-haired brush or soft cloth.

    If the slats are very dirty, it is best to clean them with a damp cloth. You can also use a vacuum cleaner at the lowest setting.

    Another option is to gently spray-clean larger surfaces and then allow them to dry well.

    WARNING! If the steel headrail of the blind is not completely dry, there is a risk that it will start to rust (with the exception of the bathroom qualities, which come with a galvanised steel head rail).

    You can also have the blinds cleaned by a professional cleaning service which uses ultrasonic cleaning technology.

    The above recommendations have been drawn up with care. We are, nevertheless, unable to accept responsibility for the results of cleaning.

  • Control OptionsView moreView less

    The standard control has lift cord with cord lock system either on the left or right hand side of the blind.

    OPTION 3

    This an endless cord on the lest or right hand side of the blind.

    OPTION 5

    This an endless white plastic ball chain on the lest or right hand side of the blind

    Other options are available on request.

  • Cord And WandView moreView less

    The standard blind is supplied with lift cord and tilt wand. The standard tilting mechanism is fitted with a unique protection to prevent the mechanism slipping and the ladder cords from being forced.

    Using the precise tilting mechanism the slats can be positioned to each desired closing position.

    A choice is available from the following operating options :

    Raise & lower controls right /tilt controls left

    Raise & lower controls left /tilt controls right

    Raise & lower controls and tilt controls right

    Raise & lower controls and tilt controls left

  • Door Hold Down ClipsView moreView less
  • Hold Down Clips /Side Guiding

    Hold Down Clips will hold the bottom rail against the doors and are supplied FOC.

    Alternatively we do supply Side guiding this is Suitable for windows up to 15 degrees,This can also be used for doors to hold the blind in place.

  • Extension BracketsView moreView less
  • Extension brackets can be used to install you blind further away from the window than a standard bracket,These are commonly used to clear obstacles like PVC window or door handle etc.

  • Lift ControlView moreView less

    Standard Luxaflex® Wood Venetian blinds are supplied with a lift cord and two tilt cords. Choose from the following operating options:

    Raise & lower controls right /tilt controls left

    Raise & lower controls left /tilt controls right

    Raise & lower controls and tilt controls right

    Raise & lower controls and tilt controls left

  • Luxaflex GuaranteeView moreView less

    Luxaflex® guarantees that all Luxaflex® window covering products are free from material and assembly defects, provided that such products were properly installed in a domestic situation. For non-domestic installations, refer to the Luxaflex® general sales conditions. The obligation of Luxaflex® is limited to repair or replacement of the defective materials or components. Repairs will be made with like or similar parts. The guarantee is limited to the original purchaser.

    Scope of Luxaflex® 5 Year Guarantee Year since date of purchase
      1 yr 2yrs 3yrs 4yrs 5yrs
    Removal of product from end user's window No No No No No
    Carriage (to - from factory) Yes No No No No
    Labour (assembly / repair) Yes No No No No
    Re-installation of product at end users window No No No No No
    Components (with like or similar parts) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Cords Yes Yes Yes No No
    Fabric (with like or similar fabric) Yes Yes Yes No No
    Consequential loss No No No No No

    To obtain the guarantee service, please contact the dealer from whom you purchased the product. The dealer will request Luxaflex® to promptly repair or replace any effective parts or components. Guarantee claims must be accompanied by proof of purchase as well as details regarding the nature of the problem.


    This guarantee is invalid if the damage or failure was caused by:



    Exposure to elements

    Misuse / abuse

    Motorised devices

    Failure to follow measurement, installation, cleaning and maintenance instructions.

    Blinds are not fitted in a domestic situation

    Normal wear and tear


    Cover excludes:

    Natural variations in grain, colour and texture

    Warpage through exposure to high humidity e.g. kitchens / bathrooms

    The guarantee is exclusive and in lieu of all other obligations, liabilities or warranties. In no event shall Luxaflex® be liable or responsible for incidental or consequential damages or for any other direct or indirect damage, loss, cost, expense or fee.

    The guarantee does not affect the consumers statutory rights under applicable national laws in force, nor the consumers rights against the dealer arising from their sales/purchase contract.

  • Measuring GuideView moreView less


    Recess measurements

    The recess is inside the window opening. Choose this option if you want to the blind to lie in the recess of the window.

    Width: Measure the inside width of the window at the top middle and bottom. Use the narrowest width measurement.

    Height: Measure the height of the window at the left, centre and right. Use the shortest height measurement.

    We will deduct the manufacturers recommended tolerance off the width of the blind to ensure the blind operates perfectly within the window recess.



    Recess measurements

    Exact is the outside of the window opening, overlapping the window recess. Choose this option if you want the blind to overlap the window recess.

    Width: To minimise light leakage it's recommended that the blind overlaps the window recess on the width by least 40mm each side (60mm in the case of vertical blinds).

    Height: When measuring the height take into account the required space for the mounting bracket. A flat surface of a minimum 70mm above is required (50mm in the case of vertical blinds). The overlap at the bottom of the blind is a matter of personal choice but please take into account obstacles such as radiators.

  • Mono ControlView moreView less
  • This is one control for both the lift and tilt this is usually on an endless chain system.

  • Next To Another BlindView moreView less
  • When ordering, please state if if you wish to install two or more blinds directly next to each other this way we will calculate the best size for your blind for a nice neat installation.

  • Pleat WidthView moreView less
  • The pleat width is the distance from the front to the back of the fabric when the blind is in the stacked position.

    (This is not necessarily the distance from the front to the back of the workings of the blind i.e the headrail or bottom bar)

  • Pulls, Toggles And TasselsView moreView less
  • Pulls and tassels are decorative accessories that attach to the bottom of a sprung roller or on the end of a string/cord control.



  • RollView moreView less

    All Roller blinds are made as Standard (with the fabric falling off the roller towards the window) This option as always recommended when using a Dim out / Blackout fabric as this will prevent less light entering the room because the fabric will be closer to the window frame!

    (Please note picture shown is the easy fit version)

    Standard Roll


    A Reverse rolled Roller blind is made (with the fabric falling off the roller away the window) this is usually preferred when you are trying to miss PVC window handles. We always recommend this option when ordering a printed fabric!

    (Please note picture shown is the easy fit version)

    Reverse Roll

  • Side GuidingView moreView less
  • Side Guiding is suitable for windows up to 15 degrees. This can also be used for doors to hold the blind in place.

    Alternatively we do supply Hold Down Clips these will hold the bottom rail against the door and are supplied free of charge.

  • Slat SizeView moreView less
  • This is the distance of each individual Slat from front to back (This is not necessarily the distance from the front to the back of the workings of the blind i.e the headrail or bottom bar)

  • Staining/Painting Of Cut EndsView moreView less
  • This is a custom service that is offered which is where each cut wooden slat and bottom bar is stained/painted to match the colour of blind chosen.

  • Wooden Venetian BlindsView moreView less
  • The colour of the wooden venetian slats will gradually fade, just as a piece of furniture placed in direct sunlight would.

    Exposed (uncoated) wood will be visible on the punched holes in the slats where the cords run though.

    Although wood venetian blinds provide a good degree of light exclusion, they are not blackout blinds and light may enter via:

    • SLATS, as they do not fully touch when tilted, so there will always be some light filtering through. Expect gaps between the fully tilted slats to be greater towards the bottom of the blind.
    • BOTTOM RAIL, this will normally be supplied to rest on the cill. This prevents the blind from swaying should a window be open and reduce the amount of light entering underneath the bottom rail. However this can limit the full closure of the slats at the base of the blind allowing some additional light to filter through at this point.


  • Valance ReturnsView moreView less
  • These cover the workings of your blind and are usually in a matching wood,

    Valance Returns 1

    Valance or Pelmet returns are normally used when installing your blind on the outside of the recess to prevent seeing the workings of the blind

    Options are :-

    Left,Right or Both

    Valance Returns 2

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