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Reliable Delivery Service

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High Quality Materials


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Measuring Guide

Providing proper dimensions guarantees the purchase of accessories that will fit your window.

If you wish to buy a blind but you are not sure what your window dimensions are you can check it on a data plate. It is located on a window sash in the right upper corner, visible when the window is opened.

Protection from Heat

Protection from Heat

Fakro, to improve the products and with due regard to the user's comfort, analyses the efficiency of protection from overheating with the use of different accessories. To this end eight similar investigation boxes have been made. They are exposed to the influence of the sun's rays and equipped with roof windows of the same type. The researches were made with closed windows, the temperature was taken one metre above the floor in a few different places. These windows then have accessories installed.

The investigation results above show clearly that external accessories (awning blind and roller blind) provide the best protection from outside heat. The external accessories keep the sun's rays outside the pane, reduce the heat flow and help prevent the room from overheating.

Internal accessories also offer protection from the heat but to a lesser degree than external accessories; their main function is to decorate the space and regulate the amount of light entering the room. Considering the effect of sun protection, the price and facility of installation, the optimum protection from sun is provided by the external awning blind.

The external awning blind together with an internal accessory installed on a FAKRO roof window creates a set of accessories which ensures the highest levels of comfort in the loft space, because they protect from heat and light and decorate the room.

The space should be protected from overheating on summer days with use of external covers placed outside the glass which reflect the heat. The overheating of rooms is a result of absorption of global radiation by objects in room and surfaces which delimit the space (walls, floor). The absorbed radiation changes into long-wave infrared radiation. (heat radiation), which does not pass the glass and causes undesirable overheating.

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