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Blinds for Flat Roof Windows

Flat Roof Blinds

Flat Roof and Dome window Blinds.

Flat Roof and Dome windows are a fantastic way of getting light into those difficult areas within the home and office environment, unfortunately these windows create their own unique shading problems, Vale have been asked on many occasions for some form of solution, so we have developed a Translucent and a Blackout blind to fit the bill.

The blind itself is a honeycombed pleated blind, using inbuilt support wires to prevent sagging and make the opening and closing operation as user friendly as possible, available in wide choice of colours to suit all decors with the head rail and bottom rail supplied in hard wearing aluminium, powder coated white.

The Blackout blind will be supplied with white side channels, that for your convenience can be fitted retrospectively.

Due to the physical location of these windows Vale also provide a choice of operating poles from 1 meter up to 2 meters in length.

Now the important part! how it works

Inside Recess

 Inside Recess

This system is designed for square and regular shaped Dome and Tunnel windows.

The inside recess is the area from the the flat of your ceiling extending upward inside the tunnel/dome until it reaches the glass of the window, This distance will vary in each individual case, so the inside recess blind can be fitted squarely and horizontally at any height within this, the customer can choose where to mount the blind within recess, close to the glass or close to the ceiling opening.

Inside Recess Measuring guide

Firstly decide upon the height of your blind within the tunnel,

Width: Measure the inside width of the opening on the right, middle and left, as plaster work is often not square always use the narrowest width measurement.

Length: Measure the length of the window opening at the right, middle and left, as plaster work is often not square always use the narrowest length measurement.

The inside recess blind is discreet and unobtrusive, but if you choose this option please consider the physical operation of the blind and make an allowance for how the operating pole will work? the higher the blind is mounted , the harder the opening and closing operation becomes

Outside Recess

Outside Recess

This system is for Dome or Tunnel windows that are unusually high or irregular shapes.

The outside recess blind is designed to fit on to the flat of your ceiling, completely covering the dome/tunnel opening, this option comes with a mitred Tulip wood timber frame including all fittings, this frame is to give a sound square base for attaching the blind to,

Outside Recess Measuring guide;

Suggested Minimum Dimensions

Width: It is recommended that the blind overlaps the ceiling opening on the width by a minimum of 70mm

Drop: It is recommended that the blind overlaps the ceiling opening on the length by a minimum of 70mm


Actual window opening: 1000mm width x 1000mm length

Order the blind: 1070mm width x 1070 mm drop

The overall size you receive including the timber frame will be approximately 1140mm width x 1140mm drop

NB. the blind will be supplied at this size and the frame will be over and above this, as this system is more specialized it is always recommend that you contact Vale directly to discuss your specific needs.

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