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Reliable Delivery Service

High Quality Materials

High Quality Materials


Twist / Multishade / Day & Night Blinds

Our Multishade blinds combine all of the practical functionality of traditional Venetian blinds with the elegance of soft fabrics. Ultra-thin in profile with a beautiful light filtering effect, Multishade are available in many gently modern neutral colour tones.


This blind type goes by many different names according to the manufacturer, Multishade, Twist, Day & Night, Vision or Zebra, all perform in the same way offering maximum control on the incoming light whilst maintaining the view.


Control Lengths

As a requirement of the new Child Safety standard EN13120, the maximum control length is determined by the safety device used on the product as well as the drop of the blind.

The controls on a blind up to 2.5m drop will be a maximum of 1m in length.

The controls on a blind over 2.5m in drop will be 1.5m shorter than the blind drop.

Twist / Multishade Blinds

Twist / Multishade/Day & Night Blinds

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Where affordability never compromises quality

“Where affordability never compromises quality”

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