25+ Years Experience

25+ Years Experience

Reliable Delivery Service

Reliable Delivery Service

High Quality Materials

High Quality Materials


Flat Roof Blinds

VALE know that Lanterns, Flat Roof and Dome windows are a fantastic way of getting light into those difficult areas within the home. We understand that your home is unique and individual so we have produced what we believe to be the best offering in the market place with an option to suit every situation, producing systems to fit inside your ceiling opening.

Inside Recess

This system is designed to fit within the flat roof opening recess, even better You choose where to mount the blind within recess, the blind is discreet and unobtrusive, available in  translucent and blackout materials, manual or electrically operated. 

Outside Recess

This system is designed to fit on to the flat of your ceiling, completely covering the window opening. These are also available in translucent and blackout materials.

Choosing your blind

On this page you will be able access all the various products we can supply and by simply choosing a colour you will open a product page with a detailed description and specification of that product range and its suitability for your situation.

What's New

A "Visibly Wire Free" Motorised Flat Roof Roller Blind up to 1200mm wide and the Flat Roof Roller Blind for anything larger, this system again in either translucent or blackout materials. (When using the Four Sided Easy Fit Lantern frame kit)

Motorised blinds can be built to work with Amazon Alexa, Google Home and our own Home Automations systems.

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Where affordability never compromises quality

“Where affordability never compromises quality”