Electric Flat and Dome Window Blackout Honeycomb Blinds ?>

Electric Flat and Dome Window Blackout Honeycomb Blinds from £556.20

ValeBlinds  are now able to offer Fully Electric Flat Roof Blinds

The system comprises of a choice of a 25mm honeycomb pleated blinds adding insulation and creating a blackout blanket, the blind can be supplied with side cover profiles where a more complete blackout feel is required or alternatively built in to a purpose made plaster work reveal 

The blind requires a 13amp Switched supply ideally mounted approximately 100mm above the installation height of the blind. This will feed a 24v dc system, the motor is mounted within the head rail and the transformer can be mounted at your convenience, connected via a small gauge twin cable 

The mechanic`s are provided by Somfy using the latest RTS signalling, making use of a multi channel remote, allowing you to operate more than one blind with the same control

  • No need for electrical connections
  • no cords to pull
  • 100% wireless
  • 100% satisfaction
  • Your blinds will last longer
  • Feel good every day
  • Feel secure
  • Approximately 27 working day delivery

Vale`s system is designed for square and regular shaped Dome and Tunnel windows.

The inside recess is the area from the the flat of your ceiling extending upward inside the tunnel/dome until it reaches the glass of the window, This distance will vary in each individual case, the blind can be fitted squarely and horizontally at any height within this, you can choose where to mount the blind within recess, close to the glass or close to the ceiling opening.

Inside Recess Measuring guide

Firstly decide upon the height of your blind within the tunnel,

Width: Measure the inside width of the opening on the right, middle and left, as  plaster work is often not square always use the narrowest width measurement.

Length: Measure the length of the window opening at the right, middle and left, as plaster work is often not square always use the narrowest length measurement.