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25+ Years Experience

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Reliable Delivery Service

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High Quality Materials

VALE Lusano Multishade/Duorol Blind

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Vale Multishade/Duorol Blinds

Standard Specification:

  • Cassetted Aluminium Head Rail in White
  • Two Part Aluminium Bottom Rail in White
  • Side Winder Chain on the Right Colour - Co-ordinated to your choice of Head Rail
  • Top Fix Brackets
  • Child Safe Tensioning Device
  • Control length is determined by the Child Saftey Legislation (see Child Safety Page)


Alternate Specifications:

  • Cassetted Aluminium Head Rail in Silver, Anthracite, Black, Brown or Cream
  • Two Part Aluminium Bottom Rail in Silver, Anthracite, Black, Brown or Cream.
  • Side Winder Chain on the Left
  • Face Fix Brackets
  • Battery operation with a hand held remote


Size Limits

Min Width - 500mm - Max Width - 2400mm

Max Drop - 2600mm - Except Madera which is 2400mm


Maximum Square Meterage - 6m - Except Madera which is 5.7m

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VALE Lusano Multishade/Duorol Blind


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Decora Motorised Wooden Venetian Blinds are revolutionising the way we look at light manangement. All battery operated. 

NO electrical power connection required
NO requirement for a power outlet near the blind
NO wiring costs
NO visual impact or disruption to the property decor 

Epitomising comfort, control and style, these discrete motors are far from being a gimmick, this technology provides an ideal solution for those hard to reach places and are a perfect child safety product eliminating the requirement for operating cords.

Convenience - ensures you can manage your light control providing a tilt and lift operation at the touch of a button.

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    Blind Installation Heights

    The 2014 changes to the child safety requirements of BS EN 13120:2009+A12014 place an obligation on all blind manufacturers to sell compliant products.

    If you choose an 'Not Known Installation Height' from the drop down box your blind will be manufactured in accordance with the Safety Regulation Requirements.

    If you select an installation height (this is the height the brackets will be installed above the floor level) then your blind will be manufactured taking this into account.


    If you are unsure please contact us on 01949 845399

    Vale Multishade/Duorol Blinds

    Your Vale Multishade/Duorol Blinds can be face or top fixed.

    Duoroltopfixbracket1.jpg Facefixbrackets.jpg



    If you are unsure please contact us on 01949 845399

    Vale Multishade/Duorol Cassette & Bottom Bar

    The Vale Multishade Blinds come with an Aluminium Cassette & Bottom Bar are available in white, silver, black, brown and cream.

    The head rail with rounded face plate and the bottom rail have the following dimensions.

    imageheadrail.png imagebottombar.png

    Cassette 73mm x 68mm & Bottom Rail 45mm

    Hardware colour choice - White, Cream, Silver, Brown and Black


    If you are unsure please contact us on 01949 845399

    Vale Multishade/Duorol Controls

    Your Vale Multishade/Duorol Blinds can be operated by means of a Loop Chain in various colours. Alternatively you can choose to have your blind battery operated. The battery operated blinds come with a single channel remote in Pure finish.

    If you are ordering more than one battery operated blind you can select one blind with the Five Channel remote control, which will operate more than one blind, and the other blind/s with Battery Operated - No remote control. 

    Please bear in mind side gaps between the fabric edge and the cassette edge.

    The gap on the control side will be approximately 16mm and on the opposite side approximately 7mm.


    If you are unsure please contact us on 01949 845399


    When installing several blinds next to each other, the Horizontal panels will set as close together as possible to try and provide a continuous line, providing the positioning heights of the cassettes are the same. A 100% match of the fabric stripes where systems are installed side by side cannot be Guaranteed on account of the dimensional tolerances in the woven stripes.

    Prices from: £184.10

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