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25+ Years Experience

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Reliable Delivery Service

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High Quality Materials

VALE INTU Cellular/Pleated Blackout Blind

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  • Only glass size measurements will be accepted
  • Suitable for UPVC windows with bead depth 11m - 27mm only
  • Standard tension blind
  • Choice of Hardware Colour
  • Bracket insertion tool will be supplied with each order

Suitable for most modern UPVC windows with rubber seals

Size Restrictions

Min Width - 150mm Max Width - 1400mm

Min Drop - 100mm Max Drop - 2000mm

Maximum square meterage must not exceed 1.5m

NOTE: Control rods available for out of reach windows only NOT suitable for Multizone

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VALE INTU Cellular/Pleated Blackout Blind

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The easiest fitting 25mm Cellular/Pleated Blind you will ever purchase - No Drills - No Screws - just great fitting blinds every time

Cellular/Pleated blinds not only look stylish, they actually help to insulate your home, thus increasing energy efficiency. The honeycomb design traps air, thus keeping rooms cooler in summer and warmer in winter, which is especially useful for conservatories. The unique construction means that there are no visible holes in the fabric giving it a sleek modern look.

Utilising a Honeycomb 25mm cellular pleat, the neat profiles fit into the beading of most modern UPVC window glazing systems. This means the fixing brackets and mechanisms are hidden with no hanging cords, helping to make this one of the safest products when child safety is considered.

INTU is available in the Multizone option

Multizone blinds have two moving rails allowing you to operate the blind both at the top and bottom. This is a feature on any INTU blind using fabric from the Cellular/Pleated range.

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    INTU/SimpleFit Bead Depth

    It is important when ordering the INTU or SimpleFit blinds that your windows have a suitable rubber bead that accepts fitting of the brackets.

    Please follow the below instructions to accurately measure your bead depth then select one of the depth options.


    INTU Bead Depth Measure Guide


    The maximum Bead Depth is 27mm

    The minimum Bead Depth is 11mm

    INTU/SimpleFit Side Profiles

    It is important when ordering Venetian/Pleated INTU blinds that you select the correct shaped side profiles.

    INTU Pleated Profiles

    For example

    For Flush or Recessed Rubber Bead fit Blinds select Profile - C


    For Proud Rubber Bead fit Blinds select Profile - A


    INTU Pleated Blind Control Options

    Your INTU Pleated Blind is operated by hand or by rod.

    INTU bottom rail has an integrated handle built into its sleek profile, simplifying the design and making the blind more attractive. This feature also minimises light gaps at the window sill by giving a tighter closure.


    INTU Pleated blinds can be operated by means of an operating rod.


    If you are unsure please contact us on 01949 845399


    If you require greater control over shade and light than offered by a standard top fix blind, Multizone is the solution. Multizone blinds have two moving rails allowing you to operate the blind both at the top and bottom.


    Multizone is a feature on any blind using fabric from the Pleated or Cellular range.

    INTU Hardware Colour

    Your INTU blinds will come complete with cassette and best fit side profiles in the same finish.

    Headrail.jpg Venetianheadrail.png INTU Hardware Colour

    Roller Headrail Venetian Headrail

    The INTU Pleated blinds have the same type of head rail as the venetian blinds but without the centre tilt control.

    You can select White, Silver or Brown which ever suits your windows and decor.

    If you have insufficient clearance on your window frame or glazing bar you will require the modified reduced headrail.

    The reduction will be 10mm per side

    Topical INTU Modified headrail  Tropical INTU Reduced headrail

    Headrail depth is approximately 50mm

    If you are unsure please contact us on 01949 845399

    INTU/SimpleFit Window Type


    These blinds are suitable for modern UPVC windows only

    INTU Operating Rod

    If you cannot reach your blind you can choose either a 300mm or a 600mm long control rod that will enable you to tilt the slats.

    INTU Venetian wand control INTU_rodend.jpg

    If you are unsure please call on 01949 845399

    Prices from: £106.38

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    “Where affordability never compromises quality”