25+ Years Experience

25+ Years Experience

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Reliable Delivery Service

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High Quality Materials

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Genuine Roto Pleated Blind (ZFA-M)

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  • 2 Year Guarantee
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Genuine Roto Pleated Blind

  • White or Aluminium cassette, bottom bar and side rails
  • Easy to install
  • Perfect fit - no adjustments required, providing you order the correct code
  • Bottom bar steplessly guided in side rails

You can find a helpful measuring guide for Colt Roto blinds here.

Genuine Roto products are made to order and are non returnable

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Genuine Roto Pleated Blind (ZFA-M)


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Genuine Roto Pleated Blinds work hand in hand with Roto windows. They provide effective sun screening whilst enabling the room to remain bright.

The choice of pattern plays an important role with interior accessories. Patterns are invigorating elements for attice rooms; they set trends and very easily lend the room a personal touch.

Roto Pleated Blinds are available in 28 different coloured and patterened fabrics with a choice of aluminium or white profiles. This enables you to match perfectly to your decor.

Genuine Roto products are made to order and are non returnable

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    Before you order the blind it is vital that you find the serial number on your window so you can identify which window you own and which blind to order.

    The serial number can be located in two different places depending on which style window you have.

    Firstly, open your window and look on the right hand arm of the roof window and serial should be located here under and blue or red tag. The serial number will be similar to the following examples:

    • 435 WDF 7/9…
    • 435 HBT 7/11…
    • 735 HBT 5/9…
    • 847 HBK 7/14…


    If you can't find anything in this position please try the second location. Again with the window open, look on the right hand side of the top inside edge of the sash (the part of the window that moves) The serial number will be similar to the following examples:

    • 320 AG 5B7…
    • 339 DC 7N11…
    • 539 HB 6/11…

    If you are having problems locating the serial number please do not hesitate to contact us on 0845 0090280 or at info@valeblinds.com.


    What does the serial number mean?

    The first 3 numbers listed in the example above tell you the series of the window. Each series requires a different blind.

    Window series

    The 435 series is a timber window with a centre pivot.

    The 735 series is available in timber or PVC and pivots at the top third.

    IMPORTANT: Blinds for series 4 and 7 (whether timber or PVC) are compatible!

    The 320/339/559 all correspond the 320 series window. This is a timber window with a centre pivot. This series window has now been discontinued; however we do still sell blackout blinds and roller blinds to suit these common old style windows.

    The 800 series is a 'means of escape' window and is top hung.

    So to sum up! There are 3 different series blinds to order:

    • 435/735 series
    • 320 series
    • 800 series

    NOTE: The letters in the serial number you do not need to worry about. They can tell us the year the window was made and what material it is made from. Please contact us or click the button below to fill out a special Colt Roto enquiry form. A blind specialist should get back to you within 24 hours & usually quicker!

    Colt Roto Assistance

    Genuine Roto Blind

    Your Genuine Roto blind is available with White or Anodised Aluminium cassette, bottom bar and side rails.

    Rotoblindblackoutcassette1.jpg Topand_Bottombar1.jpg IMG_TAG

    Head rail size approximately 64mm

    Bottom Bar size approximately 33mm

    Side Rails approximately 30mm

    If you are unsure please contact us on 01949 845399

    Prices from: £108.00


    Despatch of this item is currently 14 to 21 days from the date of ordering

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