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35mm Decora Faux Wooden Venetian Blind

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Standard Specification:

  • 2 .8mm Thick Slats
  • Head Rail Size - 42mm x 42mm
  • Bottom Bar Size - 35mm depth x 13mm height
  • PVC Headrail with Steel Insert matched to slat
  • D shaped Valance colour matched to slat
  • Trapezoid Solid PVC Bottom Bar colour matched
  • D shaped Valance width 12mm wider than blind
  • Valance width if returns ordered, 14mm wider than blind
  • Cord & Ladder Braid colour matched to slat
  • Brackets Box End Fix with centre support where appropriate
  • Bracket Size - 50mm deep x 47mm high
  • Hold Down Brackets included as standard with all blinds
  • Right hand raise Control with Large wood colour matched toggle
  • Left hand tilt Control with 2 x Small wood colour matched toggles
  • Control lengths determined by the Child Safety Legislation (See Child Safety Page)
  • No screws are supplied with this blind

Alternative Specification:

  • Optional colour matched returns available
  • 25mm wide Decorative Tapes available
  • Alternate Metal Cylinder Tassel on control cords - one size only
  • Swivel Brackets - ON REQUEST
  • Extension Brackets - ON REQUEST

Size Restrictions:

Min Width - 290mm - Max Width - 2600mm

Min Drop - 150mm - Max Drop - 3000mm

NOTE: Due to the nature of the Fauxwood material slight warping may occur

This product is not recommended for conservatories or high temperature areas exceeding 55 degrees celsius as it may lead to issues over time


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35mm Decora Faux Wooden Venetian Blind


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Decora 35mm Faux Wood Venetian Blinds are available in a variety of different colours with some slats available in a smooth finish or a fine grained finish.

These blinds are ideal for mosit environments like bathrooms and kitchens.

Custom finished to your exact size with a strong head rail, co-ordinating ladder braids, cord tilt control & cord lift control, co-ordinated head rail, bottom bar and valance as standard.

Please note these blinds are not recommended in high temperatures areas (exceeding 55 degrees celsius) 

The number of ladder cords or tapes varies according to the blind size

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    Inside Recess


    The recess is inside the window opening. Choose this option if you want to the blind to lie in the recess of the window.

    Width: Measure the inside width of the window at the top middle and bottom. Use the narrowest width measurement always using a metal tape measure.

    Height: Measure the height of the window at the left, centre and right. Use the shortest height measurement always using a metal tape measure.

    We will deduct the manufacturers recommended tolerance off the width/drop of the blind to ensure the blind operates perfectly within the window recess.


    Outside Recess/Exact


    Outside Recess/Exact is the outside of the window opening, overlapping the window recess. Choose this option if you want the blind to overlap the window recess.

    To minimise light leakage it's recommended that the blind overlaps the window recess on the width by least 40mm each side (60mm in the case of vertical blinds).

    When measuring the height take into account the required space for the mounting bracket. A flat surface of a minimum 70mm above is required (50mm in the case of vertical blinds). The overlap at the bottom of the blind is a matter of personal choice but please take into account obstacles such as radiators.


    If you are unsure please contact us on 01949 845399

    Decora Wooden Venetian Blind Tassel

    As standard your Decora Wooden Venetian Blind will come complete with colour co-ordinated tassels on the end of the controls cords.

    The Raise Control will have 1 large wooden tassel and the Tilt Control will have 2 x small wooden tassel

    Decora Standard Wood Pull

    Alternatively you can chose a Cylinder Tassel. Cylinder tassels are only available in one size.

    Available in White, Brushed Aluminium, Chrome, Copper, Brass, Anthracite  and Black

    Sunwood Cylinder Tassels 1

    Sunwood Cylinder Tassels 2

    Sunwood Cylinder Tassels 3

    If you are unsure please contact us on 01949 845399

    Decora Wooden Venetian Blinds

    As standard your Decora Faux Wooden Venetian Blind will be manufactured with colour co-ordinated ladder braids and cords.

    As an alternative you can choose decorative tapes.


    Sunwood Faux Food Tapes 1  Sunwood Faux Wood Tapes 2

    If you are unsure please contact us on 01949 845399

    Sunwood Faux Wood Valance and Returns

    Your Sunwood Faux Wood blind comes complete with a co-ordinated valance that covers the PVC head rail.

    If your blinds is being fitted into a recess the head rail ends will not be visible.

    However if you are fitting your blind outside the recess you will be able to see the ends of the head rail. In this instance you can choose to add Valance Returns to your order.

    These fit at right angles to the valance and cover the ends of the head rail.

    Faux Wood Contoured Valance

    NOTE: If you require your Valance to be longer please let us know when ordering.

    If you are unsure please contact us on 01949 845399

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