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25+ Years Experience

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Reliable Delivery Service

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High Quality Materials

Luxaflex 64mm Translucent Duette Blind

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Standard Specification:

  • Standard Stack Model

  • Choice of Control Options

  • Colour coordinating profiles and hardware

  • NOTE:For Coordinated colours contact us.

    Additional Options

  • LiteRise Cordless Operation

  • SmartCord Controls

  • Top down, Bottom Up Model

  • Contrasting rail and components

  • NOTE: For more information on options please click the little pink information button to the right of each option

    Luxaflex LiteRise

    Size Restrictions

    Min Width 450*mm - Max Width 2400mm

    Min Drop 150mm - Max Drop 2100mm

    Luxaflex SmartCord

    Size Restrictions

    Min Width 430*mm - Max Width 3000mm

    Min Drop 150mm - Max Drop 3000mm

    * Blackout and Architella Fabrics the minimum width is 460mm

    Minimum width for ALL blinds over 2700mm drop is 460mm

    Please be aware that the dimensions of the head rail and bottom bar alter depending on the control option chosen

    Beat a Price

    Luxaflex 64mm Translucent Duette Blind

    Bamboo Full Tone 7680

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    Luxaflex® 64mm Duette Shades - An Energy Saving Choice with Acoustic Properties

    Duette® energy saving blinds have a unique honeycomb structure which traps air inside and provides welcome insulation, bringing you the perfect combination of style and function. They cleverly keep heat out in the summer, and in the winter keeps it in, giving you better climate control and welcome savings on your energy bills.

    Energy efficiency is now probably one of your top priorities and if you want to reduce your expensive energy bills, it's crucial to consider ways to improve.

    Gas and Electricity prices have been rising every year and insulating your home is a brilliant way to slash your expenses.

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      Inside Recess


      The recess is inside the window opening. Choose this option if you want to the blind to lie in the recess of the window.

      Width: Measure the inside width of the window at the top middle and bottom. Use the narrowest width measurement always using a metal tape measure.

      Height: Measure the height of the window at the left, centre and right. Use the shortest height measurement always using a metal tape measure.

      We will deduct the manufacturers recommended tolerance off the width/drop of the blind to ensure the blind operates perfectly within the window recess.


      Outside Recess/Exact


      Outside Recess/Exact is the outside of the window opening, overlapping the window recess. Choose this option if you want the blind to overlap the window recess.

      To minimise light leakage it's recommended that the blind overlaps the window recess on the width by least 40mm each side (60mm in the case of vertical blinds).

      When measuring the height take into account the required space for the mounting bracket. A flat surface of a minimum 70mm above is required (50mm in the case of vertical blinds). The overlap at the bottom of the blind is a matter of personal choice but please take into account obstacles such as radiators.


      If you are unsure please contact us on 01949 845399

      Luxaflex® 64mm Duette®

      Luxaflex Duette Standard Stack Luxaflex Duette Standard Stack 1

      Standard Stack - Is the standard model that has a fixed head rail at the top for top stacking.

      Luxaflex Duette Top down bottom up

      Top Down, Bottom Up - This model has a fixed head rail although the fabric is not fixed to it. The fabric has top and bottom rails fixed to it. There are visible tension wires when the blind is stacked at the bottom.

      If you are unsure please call us on 01949 845399

      Luxaflex® 64mm Duette® Blind Control Options




      Retractable cord operation, meaning the cord remains a constant distance from the floor whilst not in operation.


      Operated by a stylish handle, LiteRise has no operating cords making it completely child safe.

      Full Electrical Option POA

      If you are unsure please call us on 01949 845399

      Luxaflex® 64mm Duette® Profile & Hardware Colour

      The head rail and bottom rail are colour co-ordinated. There are a total of 6 hardware colours.

      Of course you can select one of the other colours to suit your window frame and/or interior.

      Luxaflex Duette Hardware Colour


      Luxaflex 64mm Duette Headrail sizes

      Contact us on 01949 845399 if you want to know which colour Luxaflex® co-ordinate with any selected fabric.

      Luxaflex® Duette® Blind Telescopic Wand

      If you choose Hand/Wand control you can also choose to purchase a 3m telescopic wand to aid the opening and closing of your blind if it is high up or out of reach.

      Rod colour may change colour displayed is for illustration purposes only.


      Wandcontrol_image1.png HandWandHandle1.png

      If you are unsure please call us on 01949 845399

      Blind Installation Heights

      The 2014 changes to the child safety requirements of BS EN 13120:2009+A12014 place an obligation on all blind manufacturers to sell compliant products.

      If you choose an 'Not Known Installation Height' from the drop down box your blind will be manufactured in accordance with the Safety Regulation Requirements.

      If you select an installation height (this is the height the brackets will be installed above the floor level) then your blind will be manufactured taking this into account.


      If you are unsure please contact us on 01949 845399

      Prices from: £229.00

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      Where affordability never compromises quality

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