Vale for Jeld Wen Roller Blind (RHR)

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Vale for Jeld Wen Roller Blind (RHR)

From: £31.30


The VALE Range of Jeld Wen Roller blinds are designed to provide privacy, basic sun protection and decoration. They are easy to use, and can be positioned at any point on the window for precise light control.

The VALE for Jeld Wen Roller blinds are made of translucent fabric, which allows incoming light while holding back the glare.  Complete with aluminium side rails as standard but with the option of white side rails to best suit your requirements.



Our blinds are quick and easy to fit just watch our 2 minute SKYLIGHT FITTING VIDEO 



The roller blind provides privacy, basic sun protection and decoration. It is easy to use, and can be poisitioned at different points on the window. The roller blind is made of translucent polyester, which allows incoming light while holding back the glare.

  • Easy to install, only requiring a screwdriver
  • Perfect fit - no adjustments required, regardless of window brand
  • Aluminium profile
  • Grey plastic hooks for roller blind positioning
  • The fabric is hard wearing and dirt resistant


Vale Blinds are on an approximate lead time of 7-10 days.

2 YEAR GUARANTEE - for further information see our guarantees information page
  • 20%
    from £31.30
  • 20%
    from £31.30


Please scroll down to the relevant window manufacturer


On all VELUX roof windows you will find a type sign stating exact information about the window. For instance roof windows with control bar (as illustrated below) the data plate is placed in the right corner of the top sash behind the ventilation flap. On other types of VELUX windows you will find the type sign somewhere visible on the inside of the frame, inside the sash or behind the ventilation flap.


All you have to do, when ordering a blind, is to indicate the window code of the data plate to make sure you receive the right product. To find out your window code see below.


1 Window model.
2 Window code.
3 Window surface (first two digits) Pane type (last two digits)
4 Production code.

For other manufacturers of roof windows you will find a similar style data plate located around the window frame. On this data plate will be a window code. If you have any questions please contact us.


Providing proper dimensions guarantees the purchase of accessories that will fit your window.

If you wish to buy a blind but you are not sure what your window dimensions are you can check it on a data plate. It is located on a window sash in the right upper corner, visible when the window is opened.



You can locate the serial number (e.g. CP2001 12345…) on the window identification card (underneath the ventilation handle of your window) please do not order from this code ,We strongly recommend you measure the actual visible glass size! This way you will be able to order directly from our website.






Before you order the blind it is vital that you find the serial number on your window so you can identify which window you own and which blind to order.

The serial number can be located in two different places depending on which style window you have.

Firstly, open your window and look on the right hand arm of the roof window and serial should be located here under and blue or red tag. The serial number will be similar to the following examples:

  • 435 WDF 7/9…
  • 435 HBT 7/11…
  • 735 HBT 5/9…
  • 847 HBK 7/14…


If you can't find anything in this position please try the second location. Again with the window open, look on the right hand side of the top inside edge of the sash (the part of the window that moves) The serial number will be similar to the following examples:

  • 320 AG 5B7…
  • 339 DC 7N11…
  • 539 HB 6/11…

If you are having problems locating the serial number please do not hesitate to contact us on 0845 0090280 or at


What does the serial number mean?

The first 3 numbers listed in the example above tell you the series of the window. Each series requires a different blind.

Window series

The 435 series is a timber window with a centre pivot.

The 735 series is available in timber or PVC and pivots at the top third.

IMPORTANT: Blinds for series 4 and 7 (whether timber or PVC) are compatible!

The 320/339/559 all correspond the 320 series window. This is a timber window with a centre pivot. This series window has now been discontinued; however we do still sell blackout blinds and roller blinds to suit these common old style windows.

The 800 series is a 'means of escape' window and is top hung.

So to sum up! There are 3 different series blinds to order:

  • 435/735 series
  • 320 series
  • 800 series

NOTE: The letters in the serial number you do not need to worry about. They can tell us the year the window was made and what material it is made from. Please contact us or click the button below to fill out a special Colt Roto enquiry form. A blind specialist should get back to you within 24 hours & usually quicker!

Colt Roto Assistance


Vale for – Side Rail Colour

Our Range of Roof/Skylight blinds come complete with an aluminium fascia and side channels as standard.

Fascia = 63mm deep

Side rails = 30mm wide

Blinds are available with a white fascia and side channels, adding the perfect finishing touch to your Roof/Skylight blind. Suitable for white polyurethane or painted roof windows.

A - Aluminium Side Rails/Cassette     B - White Side Rails/Cassette

width=210    width=210

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From: £31.30