25+ Years Experience

25+ Years Experience

Reliable Delivery Service

Reliable Delivery Service

High Quality Materials

High Quality Materials


Luxaflex® 25mm Duette Blind

Luxaflex® 25mm Duette Blind gives a refined and elegant look on small and medium windows.

Duette® energy saving blinds have a unique honeycomb structure which traps air inside and provides welcome insulation, bringing you the perfect combination of style and function. They cleverly keep heat out in the summer, and in the winter keep it in, giving you better climate control and welcome savings on your energy bills.

All fabrics fall into the below energy saving classes: for specific fabric ratings get in touch


Heat Reduction Class Ratings -  A**, A*, A, B or C

Insulation Class Ratings -  A**, A*, A, B or C

Sound Absorbtion Class Ratings -  * to *****


Luxaflex® Duette shades protect you, your furniture, wooden floors and valuable objects against damaging ultraviolet radiation.

Full Tone fabrics have the same colour on both sides of the fabric whilst all other fabrics have a white back.

Motorised Blind prices available on request

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Where affordability never compromises quality

“Where affordability never compromises quality”