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VELUX Insect Screen (ZIL)

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NOTE: You order VELUX®Insect Screens by the ceiling opening dimensions and NOT by window model and code.

VELUX Insect Screens let you enjoy fresh air - without the insects. They are simple to operate, and they fit any VELUX Roof Window.

  • Net Fabric that protects against most insects
  • Durable, transparent fabric that does not obstruct your view
  • Improved visibility lets you enjoy more daylight
  • Neatly stows away in the slim aluminium top casing when not in use
  • New mesh ensures perfect airflow
  • Attaches to the wall so you can use your window as normal
  • Easy Installation

NOTE: When ordering a VELUX Insect Screen please measure the opening in your ceiling.

Then select the maximum width and drop opening size that is appropriate

You DO NOT order the VELUX Insect Screens using your VELUX window code.

If you want to install an insect screen on a window with a vertical wall, you will need two insect screens and an extra joining kit ZOZ 157

The same applies if your window is bigger than the maximum drop.

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VELUX Insect Screen (ZIL)

Insect Screen (ZIL)

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VELUX® insect protect your living rooms from flies, mosquitoes and wasps and allow you to enjoy insect free fresh air.

VELUX® Insect Screens are manually operated and are mounted on the outside of the opening in your ceiling which allows you to use your window as normal.

VELUX® Insect screens are made from a transparent hard wearing fibre glass fabric that is barely visible. This means you can look forward to not only an insect free room but also unobstructed views. These Insect screens run on side rails made from silver anodised aluminium guaranteeing ideal protection against most insects.

NOTE: You order VELUX®Insect Screens by the ceiling opening dimensions and NOT by window model and code.

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    VELUX ZIL Insect Screens

    It is very important when ordering a VELUX Insect Screen that you follow the following instructions.


    DO NOT order an Insect Screen by your VELUX window model and code. The Insect Screens fit over the opening in your ceiling (not against the glass) which allows you to use the window in the normal way.

    Measure the opening, width and drop, in your ceiling where the window is situated.



    The width and drop of the opening in your ceiling MUST NOT exceed the measurement you select.


    The width of the Insect Screen is NOT adjustable. The drop of the insect screen is adjustable without cutting the fabric.


    If the window is combined with a vertical window, two insect screens can be combined by using a joining kit ZOZ-157.


    Prices from: £65.28

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