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25+ Years Experience

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Reliable Delivery Service

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High Quality Materials

VALE Flat Roof Honeycomb Translucent Blind - Uni Colours

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Flat Roof Blind

  • Recess Fit Only

  • Translucent Fabrics and Foiled lined Blackout Fabrics available 

  • White Head Rail and Bottom Bar

  • L shaped white side profiles or Easy Fit Lantern Frmae Kit available

  • Tensions cords to prevent fabric from sagging - number determined by blind width

  • This system is designed to fit within the flat roof recess, even better YOU choose where to mount the blind within recess, the blind is descrete and unobtrusive.

    Measuring guide

    Width: Measure the inside width of the window opening at the top middle and bottom. Use the narrowest width measurement.

    Drop: Measure the drop of the window opening at the left, centre and right. Use the shortest drop measurement


    Actual window opening: 1000mm width x 1000mm drop

    Order the blind: 1090mm width x 1090mm drop

    Still not clear? VALE - help is just a click away

    VALE offer an automated version of this blind. Please contact us for details.

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    VALE Flat Roof Honeycomb Translucent Blind - Uni Colours

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    VALE know that Flat Roof and Dome windows are a fantastic way of getting light into those difficult areas within the home, unfortunately they create their own unique shading problems.

    We are all aware that within homes there are certain rooms and times during the day where you want to diffuse the light coming in. Until now there has been no practical solution for flat roof and dome windows.

    These blinds are suitable for the Velux Flat Roof Windows (CFP/CVP)

    Helpful Info

    To prevent the fabric from sagging there is a series of 2mm thick tension wires that run through the fabric. These are visible when the blind is open.

    Still not clear? VALE - help is just a click away


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      Blackout or Translucent Fabric

      These blinds are manufactured using 25mm Honeycomb pleated fabric. The construction of this fabric makes these blinds soft, durable and highly energy efficient.

      The blind is available in Blackout Honeycomb fabric that has a foil lining to increase the energy efficiency and also Translucent Honeycomb fabric which softly diffuses incoming day light.

      The built in insulating characteristics help keep the heat out in the summer and the warmth in during the winter.



      Motorised Flat Roof Blind Side Profiles

      Measures 40mm x 40mm

      As standard the fabric on your blind is slightly narrower than the head rail.

      This can leave a small gap where light can leak around.

      To reduce the amount of light leakage you can choose to have the side profiles that run up the sides of the blind.

      MasterBlinds LP1 side profiles

      If you are looking for an easier fit option, that offers better thermal insulation and protection against light leakage, then select the Easy Fit Lantern Frame.

      The Easy Fit Lantern Frame is a four sided frame that already has the blind brackets attached, to make installing the blind easier.

      MasterBlinds Lantern Frame Kit

      If you are unsure please contact us on 01949 845399

      Telescopic Wand

      If you cannot reach your flat roof blind to operate it by hand then the 2m or 3m rods are available.

      MasterBlinds Wand

      Prices from: £238.00

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