25+ Years Experience

25+ Years Experience

Reliable Delivery Service

Reliable Delivery Service

High Quality Materials

High Quality Materials

Solar Blackout Conservation Blind

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  • 1 Year Guarantee
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  • Supplied with bespoke made timber frame
  • The blind is easy to install, only requiring a screwdriver
  • Perfect fit - no adjustments required
  • Sliding mechanism allows complete operational control
  • Slim aluminium side channels
  • The fabric is hard wearing and dirt resistant
  • Frame system can be installed in a variety of ways standard fittings included
  • No wiring.Manual operation also possible.
  • Powered by a energy-saving solar-charged battery which is good for upto 600 operations even if there is no sun for recharging.

Frame system can be installed in a variety of ways standard fittings included

Please note you must enter your exact opening measurements, the closest standard blind and frame that is larger than your opening will be supplied, this is how 100% blackout is achieved

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Solar Blackout Conservation Blind


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This product is exclusive to VALE BLINDS

VALE BLINDS have developed this exclusive range that is made up of a bespoke timber frame, fitting fully over the window opening and a Solar Blackout Blind is then fitted to the frame. This results in 100% Blackout from the light and a system tailor made to your requirements.

This system also enables you to install any other skylight blind including a Translucent Roller, Venetian, Pleated, and also the Duo Blind, for further information about alternative blinds please contact us at info@VALEblinds.com

N.B. To order this system you will be required to enter your exact opening measurements,

As an alternative VALE also offer our exclusive Dim Out range this how ever does allow a certain amount of light around the edges.

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    “Where affordability never compromises quality”