Luxaflex "Twist" Roller Blinds

Luxaflex "Twist Roller Blinds" supplied by Vale Blinds

Luxaflex Twist Roller Blind

We have searched for information on this product range and to date found very little, so we have written this blog to help fully explain how this product works and what all the variants mean.

This is a remarkably simple product, effectively a roller blind made up of two sliding layers of fabric, each made of  horizontal stripes, each stripe (vane) of fabric  is joined to the next by a narrower translucent stripe, so when the front layer of fabric passes over the rear layer the end user controls exactly how much coloured fabric verses translucent fabric is on view, thus changing how much light is emitted in to the room, simple!

As with all Luxaflex products the build quality is second to none, but no doubt there will be copies released on to the market that will have different but similar names so beware, Luxaflex are the true manufactures of  "Twist Roller Blinds" .


You will note that Luxaflex have confused maters somewhat by using the same name for different coloured fabrics ie:  In the large Vane range  "Rhyme" denotes the fabric quality and finish not the colour, "Rhyme" is available in four different colours, each colour is denoted by a unique four digit code, as with every supplier we have tried to scan and represent the colour samples to the best of our ability, but on every page of the Vale Blinds web site there is a request a sample button, which we strongly suggest you use in this case.

Also note certified flame retardant fabrics (FR) are available in certain colours.

Fixing Brackets and End Supports

Unlike most roller blinds and due to the manufacturing techniques, it is necessary to decide how the blind is to be fitted prior to order, ie: face fix or top fix, all the options on our website are accompanied by a green information button to help explain the different meanings.

The end supports are covered by the term "Mounting Profiles", this is simply giving you the choice of changing the colour of the visible bracketry at the end of each blind, This is ideal for face fix blinds and as standard the  colour will be White, but is also available in Pearl Chrome/Grey, Pearl Chrome/Black and a Pearl Chrome/White inserts, all of these options are purely aesthetic to help coordinate with your decor and do not effect the operation of the product in any way.

Model Choice

Another super innovation;

Option A,  is your standard option for any single blind

Option B,  is for any number of blinds fitted side by side on a long run window, Luxaflex will marry the vanes (top down) to match each blind in the run, Creating the illusion of a single blind and allowing for pleasing proportionality and balance in the room

Operating System

As with many Luxaflex products they offer a range of controls, the standard being a white cord weight on a metal chain to match the standard "design style", moving toward the crank handle system which allows you to attach a handle so you turn the handle to raise and lower the blinds, finally the ultimate the "electric system", where you press a button on a remote control and technology takes the strain.

I hope this has been helpful. Vale Blinds feel that this a great addition to our range of window shading solutions.

Chris Hart