What are Pinoleum Blinds?


We hope this will help to clear up any confusion over what are Pinoleum blinds?  How they are made and where to use them in the home.

The Product

Pinoleum Blinds are also known as Genuine French Pinoleum, the reason for this is that there are only one or two main manufacturers of this material and they are based just outside Paris, as with all products in our modern society there are currently cheaper imported copies using the term Pinoleum so buyer beware!

Please note that Vale Blinds will only use the genuine material in their manufacturing process.

The original woven wood, or bois-tiss, used thin reeds of hardwood stitched together with a polyester thread, while the more contemporary finishes combine bamboo, jute, hemp and fabric. Using the different colour combinations of these materials, a wide range of stylish blinds can be made which set off any interior design scheme. Whilst some of the reeds are available in natural timber tones, many are in deep reds, greens and browns and these can be used individually or carefully combined to create stunning patterns.

Alan from Vale has visited the French factories to see the manufacturing process first hand and it is only within the last 5 - 10 years these factories have become electrified prior to this the machinery was run by steam. Due to the individual wooden strips the finished product does act and perform like a cloth so the blinds can be cut into almost any shape and size to  fit your requirements.


The Blind Qualities

The natural woven wood style of Pinoleum Blinds transform the sun’s glare into a soft, dappled light that creates a relaxing ambiance all year round and protects your plants and furniture by effectively controlling the room temperature and the UV light.

The style of this product allows light filtration without creating a blackout effect, also the fact that this product is made with natural materials the blinds can change and mellow in appearance, making them a perfect product in situations where you require blinds to become part of the surroundings, with a much wider range of colours  textures and finishes than ever before, Vale Pinoleum blinds are making a big impact on the interior design market. And as the products are well known for their longevity, they will be around for some time to come!

Conservatories, Orangeries and Sun rooms

In our opinion Pinoleum is a perfect material to compliment all styles of conservatories and sun rooms, this material manages to combine  traditional manufacturing techniques with a contemporary style blind, helping to control the sunlight and prevent glare, protecting your interior and in the evenings creating an almost magical feel to your room.

So if you thought Pinoleum was not the product for you, it's probably time to think again. Despite having been around for 130 years, it is one of the most stylish, flexible and adaptable blind  products on the market today.