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Campo Tri-Shade Blinds from £76.26

VALE Tri-Shade Blinds are a roller venetian blind. In the lowered end position the 55mm vanes of the blind can be opened/adjusted. Opening of the vanes is only possible when the fabric is moved to the lower end position.


VALE Tri-Shade Blinds are available in an extensive range of contemporary fabrics and are supplied on an aluminium head box which is available in white, silver, black, cream and brown. These blinds are operated with a side winder chain control available in white plastic, grey plastic, black plastic, cream plastic and silver metal to match your choice of head box.


VALE Tri-Shade Blinds conform to the Child safety regulations EN13120 and will be provided with a side tensioning device which must be fitted at the point of installation. 


Control Lengths

As a requirement of the new Child Safety standard EN13120, the maximum control length is determined by the safety device used on the product as well as the drop of the blind.

The controls on a blind up to 2.5m drop will be a maximum of 1m in length.

The controls on a blind over 2.5m in drop will be 1.5m shorter than the blind drop.


VALE BLINDS offer competitive prices on a complete range of blinds.