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VALE ROMAN BLINDS are fully lined and are supplied corded on to a chain operated headrail with brackets ready for installation.


Available in a wide range of modern fabrics with a choice of alternative linings.

Also available with Battery Remote Control Operation.


Any size is available up to a maximum width of 2500mm and 2400mm drop. If the blind requires more than one width of fabric the blind will be made with a full width central panel and a smaller pattern match panel at each side. This will usually be required for blinds wider than 1320mm.


Child Safety:

The products in this collection are fully compliant with the child safety requirements as specified in the current publication of BS EN 13120.

Control Lengths

As a requirement of the new standard, the maximum control length is determined by the safety device used on the product as well as the drop of the blind. 

The controls on a blind up to 2.5m drop will be a maximum of 1m in length.

The controls on a blind over 2.5m in drop will be 1.5m shorter than the blind drop.



VALE BLINDS where affordability never compromises quality