Battery Operated Wand Blackout Roller ?>

Battery Operated Wand Blackout Roller from £95.66

VALE introduces the new “Wand Operated “ battery remote blinds. Remote control blinds used to be seen as an unnecessary extravagance, this is no longer the case!         


This product range offers the chance of Affordable luxury for all.


Battery Motorised Roller blinds are simple in design, brilliantly child friendly, stylish and easy to operate and more importantly simple to install

No wires!    No electricians!   No expensive fitting Costs!    Installed and set up in Minutes!

The blind can be rolled up or down and stopped at any point to achieve the required level of shading for you.

The “New Wand” operation means you will never misplace your remote control again as it is permanently attached to the blind.  Fantastic for kids bedrooms and simple for Grandparents to use all around the home.  


The "New Wand” operation uses a 12v battery tube, supplied with 8 good quality AA alkaline batteries and makes use of an open Fascia cassette allowing easy concealment of the battery tube.



VALE "Where affordability never compromises quality"