Flat Roof Blind, by Vale (tr) Hive Iron

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 VALE Flat Roof Translucent Blinds

The Honeycomb Translucent blind comes in a variety of colours with a white head rail and bottom bar and matching easy fit white side profiles with Recess Fit Only

To date, side channels have always caused fitting issues, so VALE have designed the side channels to be fitted after the blind has been installed making this a very simple process

Translucent Inside Recess

This system is designed to fit within the flat roof recess, even better YOU choose where to mount the blind within the recess; the blind is discrete and unobtrusive.

Measuring guide

Width: Measure the inside width of the window opening at the top middle and bottom. Use the narrowest width measurement.

Drop: Measure the drop of the window opening at the left, centre and right. Use the shortest drop measurement.


Translucent Outside Recess

This system is designed to fit on to the flat of your ceiling, completely covering the window opening; 

Suggested Minimum Dimensions

Width:  It is recommended that the blind overlaps the window opening on the width by a minimum of 90mm  

Drop: It is recommended that the blind overlaps the window opening on the drop by a minimum of 90mm


Actual window opening: 1000mm width x 1000mm drop

Order the blind: 1090mm width x 1090 mm drop


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Helpful Info

To prevent the fabric from sagging there is a series of 2mm thick tension wires that run through the fabric. These are visible when the blind is open.

The number of tension wires depends on the width of the blind 


500mm wide = 3 tension wires

1000mm wide = 5 tension wires

1500mm wide = 7 tension wires

As this product is made to your requirements the approximate lead  times are 10-15 working days

VALE offer an automated version of this blind. Please contact us for details





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