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Vale Eco Bloc Thermal Roller Blinds from £102.03

EcoTM   Bloc Thermal Blackout Standard Window Roller Blinds

Vale Bloc Out Blinds are innovative roller blinds that combine an aluminium cassette and procision engineered side rails to create a blind that can Bloc out light and draughts.


Blackout blinds that are currently sold on the web for homes are normally a roller blind fitted with blackout fabric. This does perform a function but it will not stop all the direct light from entering the room. Light will still come in all sides of this fabric, so technically the blind is NOT blackout.


The Eco range has been design to firstly be in control of the light which enters the room, from fully opened resulting in maximum light, to fully closed which will eliminate all direct light. They have a verified heat loss saving from at least 25% heat loss reduction (BBA Tested), the blinds are also designed to reduce solar gain.


It is a cordless system that complies fully with the Child Safety Regislation EN13120


We believe this to be  THE ONLY true blackout system for standard domestic windows. The Eco system allows the blind to be placed at any position from fully opened to fully closed. The fabric runs down two side rails similar to our best selling blackout Roof Blind system, which stops the light from directly entering the room. A seal system on the bottom operating handle contacts the window sill blocking the light from entering. This total light control system is discrete too, with slim sections on the top and sides of the window and nothing on the bottom sill, it blends into the room decor with ease.