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Blackout Duette from £99.16

Luxaflex® Blackout Duette Shades - An Energy Saving Choice with Acoustic Properties

Made from a unique honeycomb construction they insulate in the summer and the winter. They make it possible for you to enable 7% savings on your energy bill. The still air layer in the cell works like an insulating blanket. The three still air layers of the cell-in-cell Architella construction offer even better insulation


With environmental awareness increasing, this is a perfect choice. Most of the heat lost in a house is through the windows, even when double glazing is used. Duette Shades offer a unique combination: energy-saving window coverings that add atmosphere to the home at the same time.

Luxaflex® Blackout Duette Shades are in the highest energy-saving categories of Luxaflex and bear A to AAA labels.


Luxaflex® Blackout Duette Shades tangibly improve the acoutics in a room. They absorb noise effectively in every room where acoustics are important.


Luxaflex® Blackout Duette Shades are available in a wide assortment of blackout fabrics and in 3 pleat sizes, 25mm, 32mm and 64mm.


Safety Devices

All of our products meet with the child safety requirements of EN 13120 Internal Blinds – performance requirements including safety.

Control Lengths

As a requirement of EN13120, the maximum control length is determined by the safety device used on the product as well as the drop of the blind or installation height. The below details the maximum length of looped chain available.

Safety Device used

Installation Height

Loop Length

Safety Chain

Not Known

2/3 of the blind drop



Distance from floor to end of control to be at least 0.6m

Breakaway cord connector or tensioning device

Not Known and drop of blind up to 2.5m

Up to 1m

Not known and drop of blind over 2.5m

Blind drop less 1.5m

If known

Distance from floor to end of control to be at least 1.5m

All Luxaflex® Blinds are bespoke made to measure and come complete with a 5 year manufacturers guarantee.


VALE BLINDS offer the complete range of Luxaflex® collections at competitive prices

25mm Blackout

25mm Blackout

from £99.16

32mm Blackout

32mm Blackout

from £99.16

64mm Blackout

64mm Blackout

from £149.48